Anonymous asked: How can you like Nick, tho. The bitchy-ness and smugness drive me up the wall, and I don't get why he's such a thing. What am I missing?


I like Nick because he is warm and kind and never treats others like they are lesser than he is. I like Nick because he’s equally comfortable having a food fight with his godson as he is talking fashion with Alexa Chung. I like Nick because he respects women and takes them seriously and treats them like human beings. I like Nick because he’s a ridiculous human being who is fully aware and appreciative of his ridiculousness, who fully embraces the photos of himself in full Lily Allen costume falling on his arse. I like Nick because he loves his dog so much he asks his friend to put her on the phone when he’s on holiday, and because he isn’t afraid to tell the world he loves like that. I like Nick because he’s openly gay in a homophobic world and no matter how much shit is slung at him he never, ever treats it like a big deal. I like Nick because he’s intensely loyal to his friends. I like Nick because hearing him on radio, just for a minute, can make me feel a thousand times better. 

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone who’s ever listened to him on radio could dislike him. I genuinely can’t understand that at all.

Whoever wrote that. It’s beautifully said. Nicky is amazing. :)

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Not a bad win. #winner #thesimpsonstappedout #thesimpsons #game
Anonymous asked: Is he really gay? Grimster


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Anonymous asked: How old is nick?


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everything about nick grimshaw is endearing and great i mean like when he wears the same big shirts all the time and how his iphone case is gold and sparkly and how he gets distracted by fancy luggage and wears his big ol headphones and gets legitimately excited about meeting pop stars and doesn’t even try to hide it and still does things to make his parents proud of him and he’s just really cute that’s all i’m trying to say

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